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Expansion of the Japanese Whaling Industry

expansion of the Japanese Whaling Industry

whaling problems in Japan these days. The authorities' answer would be "because we can." They claim Japan is an island country, we depend on marine resources and whales are a sustainable resource that we should utilize. 26 Dai Tanno and Toshide Hamazaki, Is American Opposition to Whaling Anti-Japanese?, Asian Affairs 27,. 14, however, this Superwhale does not differentiate between the numerous species of whales, combining the characteristics of several and ignoring research that contradicts this image. Greenpeace repeatedly sent its own ship fleets to physically cease the research expeditions, often risking their own members lives and the lives of the whalers. In spite of this, though, there have been systematic campaigns, where the editors of major newspapers and even scientific "experts" assert what they call "liberal" views by exhorting Japan not to "yield to foreign pressures." These words appeal to citizens' feelings, dispelling any reservations they. 23 Komatsu quickly defended his statement explaining that minke whales are not endangered and reproduce at a high rate. But as one can see, the whaling industry itself has had to shift toward hunting smaller Minke whales due to shortages of the great-sized whales such as the Blue, Fin, Right, Humpbacks well as the Sperm whales. This contradicts former government comment. Research whaling aims to prove that the population of whales, especially the Minke Whale, is bountiful enough to allow regulated commercial whaling and seeks to scientifically prove that to the IWC. Is on the side of anti-whaling to hide the perpetration of its own environmental crimes in Vietnam." Fundamentally, the protection of whales or other wildlife and past.S.

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The native whaling of the Alaskan Inuits was found to be more legitimate than foreign Japanese practice that reflected the xenophobic stance of the American public and mass media. In a reflection on and ultimately a summation of the Japanese governments view of the whale and their emphasis on scientific evidence, a former counselor at the Japanese Fisheries Agency, Masayuki Komatsu, referred to minke whales as the cockroaches of the sea. The government, as well as the Fisheries Agency and other (government supported) pro-whaling institutions, has launched a propaganda campaign to promote the image of the long history and the positive effect of whaling on the nation. 13 Anders Blok, Contesting Global Norms: Politics of Identity in Japanese Pro-Whaling Countermobilization,. 8 Anders Blok, Contesting Global Norms: Politics of Identity in Japanese Pro-Whaling Countermobilization, Global Environmental Politics 8,. And so these fish-meat-sausages appeared on the markets in suburbs where food circulation wasn't up to par, and where these types of markets were spreading all over Japan. The Japanese government often defends the consumption of whale meat, comparing its place in Japanese society to the hamburger a popular and accepted food choice that is seen as utterly American. 30 The racist rhetoric surrounding whaling is not limited to impassioned conservationists, but also happens in the academic arena. Naoko Funahashi is the Japan country representative for the International Fund for Animal Welfare and devotes most of her energies to bringing about an end to what the Japanese government claims is "scientific whaling but most of the rest of the world considers. Both before World War Two and now, whale meat is a staple foodthere are whale restaurants that serve nothing but whale meatwhile a Personal Analysis in Utopia other nations discard whale meat, Japan consumes 140,000 tons of it each year. They breed very slowly, meaning that commercial whaling is not sustainable.