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Dream Interpretation and Interpretation Therapy

dream Interpretation and Interpretation Therapy

of our mind, and most importantly be used as material in psychotherapy. Decide if it needs to be interpreted: Not all dreams will need to be interpreted; some dreams are too literal and therefore probably do not have much insightful value to them,.g. Greenson RR: The exceptional position of the dream in psychoanalytic practice. Some believe you can learn how banking industry to experience these types of dreams by learning specific dream induction techniques. New York, International Universities Press, 1967, pp 52106. Remembering where you left the report at work. Those websites and dream interpretation professionals, however, are no better than frauds as there is at present no consensus in the scientific community that dreams mean anything at all.

How to use your dreams in therapy. Depending upon the type of modality your therapist practices and the established treatment goals your therapist may ask you about your dreams. Stuttgart, Moreno-Institut für Psychotherapie und Sozialpädagogik, 1993. Freud and Jung attempted to derive general dream interpretation rules that individual dreamers could use to decipher their dreams but their techniques have not been validated via rigorous scientific examination. Irony (step 4, resolution/reintegration) involves reflection on that new whole.