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Conformity and Group Decisions

conformity and Group Decisions

classify than Lumbert suggested. She mentioned how the hunter/gatherer humans from thousands of years ago conformed in a group so they had a better chance of surviving against predators. Handbook of trial consulting (pp. Thus brainstorming was based on the following rules: Each group member was to create as many ideas as possible, no matter how silly, unimportant, or unworkable they were thought. An interesting and pertinent point that should be addressed when considering the reasons for group conformity is: What do we gain from this conformity? Lumbert's paper supports that idea that a breakdown in a society would occur if individuals did not comply with society and its rules. Given what you now know about the potential difficulties that groups face in making good decisions, you might be worried that the verdicts rendered by juries may not be particularly effective, accurate, or fair. A number of research programs have found that electronic brainstorming is more effective than face-to-face brainstorming (Dennis Valacich, 1993; Gallupe, Cooper, Grise, Bastianutti, 1994; Siau, 1995 in large part because it reduces the production blocking that occurs in face-to-face groups. Osborn had the idea that people might be able to effectively use their brains to storm a problem by sharing ideas with each other in groups. Inside the juror: The psychology of juror decision making.

For instance, if a 20 year old female was shown a picture of a rectangle, and the other members of her group all labeled it square would the subject give in to social pressure and mislabel the object? If the group members generally support liberal policies, their opinions are likely to become even more liberal after discussion. Matusitz,., Breen,. On the effectiveness of group brainstorming: Test of one underlying cognitive mechanism. Groups function on consensus, so there is pressure on each member to agree with the majority's opinion. Because the group as a whole is taking responsibility for the decision, the individual may be willing to take a more extreme stand, since he or she can share the blame with other group members if the risky decision does not work out. And again, the ability of the jury to make a good decision is based on both person characteristics and group process. When fighting off inevitable attacks from wild animals the many are more effective than the one. For the study, state-level sports teams were chosen because of the high degree of competitiveness in game play. In Lumbert's "Conformity and Group Mentality: Why We Comply it was noted that the average person enjoys knowing that he or she is correct about judgments, and Lumbert mentioned that participants will change their perceived correct answer to conform with group norms; but a key. While some groups form spontaneously, such as a group of friends, others form for a specific purpose. Coming from a different country made me also seem like I was often discriminated against just on the basis of my race, and therefore I had to find a group which was closely similar.