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How Sealers, Traders and whalers Changed Maori Society

how Sealers, Traders and whalers Changed Maori Society

contact did occur, Europeans had to work out a satisfactory arrangement with Maori, who were often needed to provide local knowledge, food, resources, companionship, labour and, most important of all, guarantee the newcomers' safety. A European outpost, james Belich in, making Peoples described how in the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe exploded outward in one of the most incredible expansions in human history. In 1815 the first Europeans to land in Canterbury were from the sealer. From 1797 American whalers arrived, and during the 1830s the French whaling ships turned up in significant numbers. Further information: This web feature was written by Steve Watters and produced by the. Known variously as Botany Bay or Port Jackson, the Australian port became the hub of the South Pacific's whaling and sealing industries evaluating The Motifs OF The Tragedy Of Julius Ceasar and received the bulk of New Zealand's early trade.

Maori thought that their gods were not protecting them, from the outbreak of diseases such as influenza so they abortion is not Good thought they should switch to Christianity because they wanted to be with a god that accepted them and one that can protect them. There were two European explorers that were sent to find the great southern continent and claim it for England. The second group of Europeans to arrive were the sealers and whalers who were first recorded to have visited NZ around 1791. Tasman and his crew retreated and never came back to New Zealand. Maori were quick to recognise the economic benefits to be gained in developing a relationship with these newcomers.

Cook also introduced metal, wool, guns pigs and potatoes through trading this benefited both races because the Maori got more resources that they could use in their lifestyle and the Europeans learnt about Maori culture and got Maori resources as well. They came to New Zealand because there were a lot of seals and whales at the time in New Zealand. M, (December 31, 1969). The men were killed but James grew up with the Maori.